[Introducing] – Rich Kid Sound System

Rich Kid Sound System, weird name and it seems a bit hipster-ish but hold your judgment till the end. I won’t say anything cliche like, “these guys are poised to change the industry” or “they are the next big thing” because quite frankly I don’t like making predictions before midnight. Not to say these guys aren’t talented, quite the opposite in fact. It is apparent that rap has become way too compartmentalized, and “Rich Kid” does not fall into a neat pigeonhole. This works out best for the guys because it allows more experimentation and freedom (see*poverty*), fortunately for us and unfortunately (sales-wise) for them.

The truth is in its current form, Rap is, well …. terrible. You have to fall into one of  four categories or you are not relevant; brain-dead (Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil B), psychotic (Nicki Minaj, Kanye West), drugged-out (Lil Wayne), or old (Jay-Z, Eminem). Okay, maybe I’m overstating things a bit here but things are not looking to good for the old gal. If you are fed up with the way you see your beloved music going, then these guys will be a breath of fresh air, or at least a nice alternative.

Back to Rich Kid Sound System the music is fun, witty, wordplay-driven and at it seems refreshingly heartfelt. Hell, you can even dance to it. But please none of those Soulja Boy  moves because he is getting way too old to still be making a profit off of glorified Barney rhymes and kindergarten follow-the-leader dances. Anyway, for comparison purposes I could say they sound like Gym Class Heroes or Shwayze, but those guys are terrible so it would be a disservice to the guys in Rich Kid Sound System (you all owe me one).

For your listening pleasure I have added “Get What You Give” and “A Little Bit of Time.”  Their debut is aptly titled “Till Six in the Morning”, so have a listen and dance like no one is looking, but just remember to close the shades.

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Rich Kid Sound System – “A Little Bit of Time”

GET WHAT YOU GIVE by Rich Kid Sound System