[Introducing] – Saturday Sun

Saturday Sun

Oh, man, Mondays. Who likes Mondays? No need to reply, since the answer is obviously “nobody”. Still, they’re not beyond help. One thing that can definitely improve the start-of-the-week experience is taking a bit of time out to listen to some good music. Say, some acoustic, slow-paced, introspective folk. Like, say, that produced by Saturday Sun. I’m reliably informed by common sense that, despite their name, they can also be legitimately played on a Monday.

Saturday Sun are a four-piece from Swanage, in Dorset. Perhaps this means little to non-British readers, but something tells me that Brits reading about a folky band from the South West might be starting to get a little worried. Rest assured, The Wurzels they are not. In fact, they’re pretty much as far from that as you could get. If there were any tractor or scrumpy references, they passed me by.

Given their name, it won’t come as much of a surprise that they are a bit like Nick Drake. They also look to the likes of finger-picking legends like John Martyn, and more broadly to post-rock and alternative artists, for their influences. To be honest, though, while there are definite post-rock touches to some of their tracks (“Peaked”, for example), they generally sit pretty comfortably in acoustic territory. That said, though, the moments when they move out of that mode provide some real highlights, and help to reinforce that these guys are not just yet another contemporary folk act. Cough cough Mumford And Sons.

They’re charmingly modest in their self-description, suggesting that you’re best off just listening to the songs if you want to get to know them. A very sensible suggestion that is too. They make music that can speak for itself very eloquently; with subtle arrangements, engaging lyrics and a good ear for melody. Whether it’s likely to actually help with the Monday blues depends on your preferred method of coping. If you’re looking for something upbeat to kick-start some hard graft then perhaps you ought to look elsewhere. If like me you prefer to say sod it, let’s not work this week, then Saturday Sun will provide the ideal soundtrack to your idleness.

You can stream some highlights below. A word to the wise: the drop in “Peaked” is pretty heavy, and you should definitely turn it up nice and loud if you don’t want to miss out on the full experience.

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