[Introducing] – Strange Talk

“Strange Talk? Who are they?” “Oh, they sound kind of like if Phoenix and Yeasayer had a child that skips two grades just because he’s a genius and has a face that even Don Draper is jealous of”. Hello, describing a band in the likes of the lovechild between Yeasayer and Phoenix is the ultimate compliment. I recently heard about this Melbourne band from the Kitsune Maison 10 mix (I know, it sounds like all I do is sit on Kitsune.fr all day pressing F5 WAITING for something new to happen). Well YOU’RE WRONG… kind of.

This quartet of Stephen Docker, Gerard Sidhu, Travis Constable, and Gillan Gregory make up this outfit of ridiculously catchy music. Something about the Melbourne air, it’s impregnating the population with a good ear for dance. Whatever it may be, I’m backing the musical hotbed that is Melbourne and clearly they have spoken. Going through the notions of internet fame and phenomena, Strange Talk started up in February 2010 (mere babes looking in retrospect at the rise of their fast paced buzz) and got themselves on Triple J Unearthed. Rising to the top as a featured artist on the unsigned bands site, things just haven’t stopped since. That catalyst brings them here… one of four songs featured in the Maison 10 teaser trailer, where you get a good :30 or so of a sample. I immediately looked up the full length and let it loop for a good 10 minutes before I realized how sad I was I didn’t have any more Strange Talk to ear-cuddle with.

They recently found themselves touring with Jinja Safari and will be supporting Gypsy & The Cat’s soon to be dropped album. I for one have been ravenous with trying to find more music by Strange Talk but alas, I am left to savor and enjoy “Climbing Walls”. Feed on it, little ones, and enjoy! (admin note; I found another tight jam by these dudes, feed on that one too!)

Sidenote: Super jealous of any of those out in Melbourne… Strange Talk tweeted that their first show will be at the Worker’s Club with The Joy Formidable and two of the dudes from the Temper Trap playing a DJ set. Sounds like a seriously bitchin’ time.

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Strange Talk – “Climbing Walls”
Strange Talk – “Eskimo Boy”