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The Rest, Always On My Mind, The Last Day, cover

It’s a pretty specific feeling when you lose something you’ve created, pouring over the details for months. I can say the immediate feelings are something like: dread, exhaustion thinking about the time it would take to redo it, a little bit of relief, anger and finally complete resignation. On the one hand, the only light at the end of this tunnel is some sort of learned ability to not treat your work as precious and move on, but sometimes you see something and you get a bit of a pang, a sting on your skin reminding you of what was and is now gone. On the other hand, a works medium can dictate how much energy you expend in the other option of reanimation and luckily for Ontario band The Rest, when a hard-drive “glitch” deleted their fully finished album “SEESAW”, they didn’t let it die, but pursued it. In five months, they had their album back.

The Rest is comprised of Adam Bentley, Jordan Mitchell, Dwayne Brydon, Blake Bowman, Matty Buzanko, Steve T. Jones and Anna Jarvis. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the group has been together for some time. They’ve got their sound developed and it shows in the accomplished songwriting and solid structure. A lot of choices are being made, but you don’t notice. The sonic landscape fills with spacey guitars, heavily tribal drumming that somehow remains subdued and vocals that go from falsetto to an urgent roar, often surprising not with the accomplished range, but the choice of using highs versus lows.

Whether ranging from folk to frenetic indie rock, the songs sound like a new day exploding over and over again, each moment carefully leading up to the next. Who knows, if they keep going on this trajectory, their career could be similar to a group such as the Wild Beasts. Yet on songs like “With Every Heartbeat” I can hear a sincerity that I’ve grown fond of and come to expect from Jens Lekman.

Listen to two songs from “SEESAW” below, out in February 2012 – you can pre-order the limited edition Blue 180 Gram vinyl from their Bandcamp. Go see them live with Memoryhouse now.

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The Rest – ”Always On My Mind”
The Rest – ”The Last Day”