[Introducing] – The Rubbish Zoo

Meet The Rubbish Zoo. Self-proclaimed cowboys from Cheyenne, Wyoming who moved out to Los Angeles to make it in the big city. Well readers, giddy-yup; we’ve got the golden formula to an indie explosion. Take a bunch of humble hunks and throw their talent into indie-pop hooks and here we’ve got The Rubbish Zoo. We’ve got: Jordan Born, Ian Rowe, Jason Joyce, Jerrick Romero, and Adam Rowe… all bright eyed and eager up on the burgeoning music scene. A product of two former bands, Save My Hero and This Isn’t Congress.

I love nothing more than reading up on new up and comers; they’ve taken the best elements of what’s new and old to shape a sound that culminates what works and brings together new tinges of what’s to come. When you listen to their music, you can actually hear them smiling and having fun. Though it can’t be discounted that they have shared the stage with some notables like RX Bandits, This Providence, and Thieves and Villains. When I first listened to “More Ink Than An Octopus”, I swore I heard elements of Modest Mouse and Surfer Blood… what’s not to love about that?

It’s fun, it’s light and it’s catchy and they recently released their first EP, “A Great Detective Race”. They back a concept that’s so easily said but usually not executed, that they want “every song to sound different, simple as that may be”. Giving “Fade” a try, you hear different elements that soon shine; A bitchin’ baseline and their delightful vocals, there’s more of a Vampire Weekend feel to it, regardless, these guys have got something and I back it. Think if Cults went to the beach. These tracks are the perfect soundtrack to the gloomy grey days we’ve recently been having around my hood. Apparently these guys thrive in a live show, if they come around your way – definitely check em out, I know I will!

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The Rubbish Zoo – “More Ink Than An Octopus”
The Rubbish Zoo – “Fade”