[Introducing] – We Are Pirates

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We Are Pirates are a dreamy, Brazilian synth-pop act formed just last year by friends Ricardo Vieira, João Paulo Dalla and Bruno Moreira. Thing is, I wasn’t filled in on the whole synth side of their sound when I went to listen to their demo track “Canyon” for the first time, so it took me somewhat by surprise: a song that opens with a simple but hummable riff and some half-sighed vocals is completely transformed by a synth breakdown 58 seconds in that’s so out of the blue I feel like this post should come with a spoiler warning. It’s the same kind of rush I got from listening to Eclectic Prawn by Dumbo Gets Mad for the first time, high praise indeed on this blog, except where that song launches into full-fledged insanity, “Canyon” remains completely laidback, a soundtrack for cool, lazy, teenage summers.

“Running”, the only other song that We Are Pirates have to offer right now, puts those synths right up front, and while that means it doesn’t provide the same warm thrill as “Canyon”, that’s totally OK, because it’s just as effortlessly relaxed and even more dreamy. The track’s driven by a perky bassline ripped straight from the ’80s and feels like a doleful, new romantic number.

We Are Pirates are working on a five track EP called “Kids Practice” that should be released sooner rather than later. Look for a review of that in the coming weeks, hopefully it will keep up the retro, youthful aesthetic that they’ve got down with this infectiously catchy pair of tracks. For now, though, you can stream or download them both below.

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Canyon by We Are Pirates
Running by We Are Pirates