Listen: Beat Club – Faces + Chances

Beat Club EP cover artwork Faces Chances

Earlier this summer, in July, we named Beat Club Ones To Watch based on the strength of some tracks that have unfortunately since been removed. Now, presumably in anticipation of the release their debut EP, – which was delayed because of some “potentially game changing spur-of-the-moment news” – they’ve started to put tracks back on their Soundcloud.

The first of the pair of tracks is “Faces”, a song already highlighted in their initial post. If the tracklist hasn’t changed since the one the band were kind enough to send our way, it’s also the track that opens the EP, and does so with full force. There’s all sorts of grooves here, coming from virtually every instrument, and the chorus is pure gold.

“Chances” is the other song the band have decided to release, and it’s more classic Beat Club – that is, another jam. It’s not as immediately ear-grabbing, as it uses much softer synths and has a much more understated vocal melody, but the real winner here is the bass.

There still no date for the release of the EP, so until then we hope these tracks don’t get pulled as well. After all, the band said it best when they released the tracks, at the very least they’re “something to move to”.

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