[Listen] – Burial’s New “Kindred” EP

Listen to Burial‘s new EP “Kindred” below, including new tracks “Ashtray Wasp” and “Loner”.

Back in December the London-based label Hyperdub announced that they’d be releasing a brand new Burial three-track EP called “Kindred”, though there was no official date given for the release.

This weekend the EP was released as a six-track EP in Japan that included the previously-heard “NYC”“Street Halo”, and “Stolen Dog”, along with new songs “Loner”, “Ashtray Wasp”, and title track “Kindred”, all of which are characteristically Burial; Dank, foreboding, and skittish, though not characteristic of Burial is that each track is between 7 and 11 minutes long. The last three minutes of “Kindred” are sublime.

Listen to all three songs below and let us know what you think in the comments. Is it as good as the songs on “Untrue”?

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“Ashtray Wasp”