[Listen] – Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Listen to “Grown Up”, Danny Brown‘s new hype track out in time for his press appearances at South by Southwest 2012.

Danny Brown is coming off a hot 2011, and fresh out of SXSW this year he’s dropped a quick little ditty called “Grown Up“.

Last year’s two releases, his solo album XXX and mixtape with DJ Black Milk, “Black and Brown“, cemented Brown as the MC to keep an eye on for 2012 (XXL put him on their 2012 Freshman List, nevermind his company on the list don’t compare, and that the rapper has eight mixtapes and an album before “XXX“, but that’s okay – hype is hype.).

Grown Up” is Danny Brown waxing nostalgic about his youth, about the folly of youth and immaturity, and conversely about the upside (and shock) of fame and money. Where other rappers fail, notably when 90′s gangster rappers decided to get all flashy with their bling, Danny keeps it realer than real.

Something about his pitchy voice over such a chill, summertime jam of a beat is inviting, especially while he paints a vivid picture of an Adderal class clown growing up in Detroit.

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