Listen to Dave Moisan’s smooth, funky pop track “Animal”

Dave Moisan‘s “Animal” has been around for a little while now, but it’s no less enjoyable since its original release. As soon as the track begins and you hear the bass and drum beat, you know you’ve got one of those special tracks on your hands. It’s light-hearted but sincere, Moisan’s delivery teetering on a falsetto, but mostly gliding along with a Saturday Night Fever-like strut. He sings to carnal desires, declaring, “You’re coming on like an animal”, and while it might sound a come on, Moisan passes comment on the glammed-up folk in the clubs (particularly the men), all dressed up and ready to prowl. The men pop their collars and want to “own this club” while the women are “tryin on every outfit that you ever owned” beforehand. “You think ya smooth but you just typical,” Moisan asserts, his words aimed at what sounds like the men and their flirting techniques. The joy of “Animal”, however, comes from the fact that the surface details – the slinky bass, synth strings, shuffling guitar chords – are enough to get engrossed by; you could find yourself busting a move to the track before realising what it’s about.

“Animal” is taken from Dave Moisan’s Heavyweight EP, which is out now.