Listen: Dent May – Born Too Late


Dent May‘s most recent album, Do Things, has barely been out a year but the Mississippi songwriter is already prepping a sunny follow-up. Warm Blanket is out August 27th on Paw Tracksand has revealed the first taste of it

While not quite returning to the organic melodies of his ukulele tunes or relying on heavy synths, “Born Too Late” feels like the perfect middle-ground between the wildly variant instrumentation of his first two albums. The one thing that hasn’t changed is his fantastic ear for harmony: May’s voice swoops in four at a time, like he’s playing as all four Beach Boys at once.

While synths and drum machines are still present, the melody is still driven mostly by the guitar and Dent’s piano. A violin swoops in for great effect whenever Dent isn’t singing except for the final bridge and the end of the song, where they complement each other perfectly.

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