[Listen] – Dirty Projectors – “You Against The Larger World”

Listen to “You Against The Larger World”, a new song by Dirty Projectors which will be released on Record Store Day.

Dirty Projectors have a new album out July 10, “Swing Lo Magellan”, via Domino Records. We already had our first taste of that record thanks to the great “Gun Has No Trigger”, but now Dirty Projectors have decided to wet our appetites with a song that didn’t make the album.

“You Against The Larger World” was one of the many songs that didn’t make the final twelve-song shortlist for the new album and just stayed in demo form.

Now Domino Records and Ribbon Music are releasing “Smuggler’s Way”, a Record Store Day zine which has five multicolored flexi discs with unreleased music from a slew of artists. “You Against The Larger World” is one of those demos now seeing the light of day, and you can listen to it below.

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