Listen: Gold Panda – “Mountain” & “Financial District”

Gold Panda, Mountain, Financial District

Listen to Gold Panda‘s two new songs “Mountain” and “Financial District” below.

Song Of The Day, Listen Before You Buy

U.K. producer Gold Panda is back with two new songs and a video, to make us feel extra super special. Both of these tracks will appear on a new 7″ single released in June or if you’re impatient, you can download them today.

To my knowledge these are the first new tracks that aren’t remixes since last year’s “MPB”, though I’m sure I could’ve missed something between then and now. Both “Mountain” and “Financial District” stand out on their own as exquisite examples of Gold Panda‘s production abilities, both gleaming and non-compliant with how you might expect them to sound.

Is it too much to ask for us to have a Gold Panda and SBTRKT collaborative album? You guys, if you’re reading this, make that happen. That needs to be a thing.

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