Listen: Holy Ghost! – Dumb Disco Ideas

Holy Ghost! - Dumb Disco Ideas

As DFA Records mentioned on Twitter, the biggest “dumb disco idea” was to have Holy Ghost! release a song the day after the Daft Punk stream of Random Access Memories went live. Because of it this song might have slipped under the radar for some, but don’t miss out because this eight-minute monster deserves all of your attention.

“Dumb Disco Ideas” is a classic DFA Records track in the production department, with the signature steady, crisp drums and deep analog synthesizers. Incredibly danceable, but also has somewhat of a drone-y quality to it. At times it’s reminiscent of some of LCD Soundsystem‘s best material – which is nowhere near a bad thing. Halfway through the song there’s a radical shift in tone, with the track going a far more disco vibe and at times even entering Daft Punk territory. So basically Holy Ghost! are taking ideas from the two best dance groups of recent years. There’s nothing dumb about them.

Along with the track’s release, they’ve also announced that their second album will be called Dynamics and will be released in the fall. There’s yet to be a tracklisting announced, but hopefully last year’s great “It Gets Dark” makes the cut as well.

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