Listen: How To Destroy Angels – An Omen (Full EP Stream)

The newest effort from the industrial-minimalist trio How to destroy angels_ (Yeah, weird spelling, I know) is due November 13th, but you can listen below, via The Hype Machine. The EP is six tracks of new music from the Nine Inch Nails’ frontman – Trent Reznor, his partner-in-crime since 2003 – Atticus Ross, and Reznor’s beautiful wife – Mariqueen Maandig.

Starting the EP off is the dark, mystical “Keep It Together”. Following is the unique and… well, weird “Ice Age”, which goes on for seven minutes with its weird jangly, electronic beat repeated over and over. Maandig’s vocals soothe throughout with random hums and such. The next two tracks “On The Wing” and “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” are polar opposites in theory. The first is a driving melody of beats that pulse your brain like your heart, and the second lullabyes you to sleep, with light and delicate piano bits. “The Loop Closes” drives its pulsonic, thunderous beat for about three minutes, and then Reznor and Maandig repeat “The beginning is the end / Keeps coming around again”. The closer “Speaking In Tongues” has whispering behind the droning of the instruments for about seven minutes, as well.

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