Listen: Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t (Full Album Stream)

Jens Lekman, I Know What Love Isn't

Five years in the making, or at least five years in the waiting for us, it’s now time for us to sink our teeth into a new Jens Lekman album.

I Know What Love Isn’t, Lekman’s third album, is another journey through his unique and brutally honest songwriting avenue, and if you’ve gone through a breakup in the last 35 years then chances are some of the album will apply to you. If you can find the answer to any question or problem in a book, then you can find solace and comfort from a breakup in a Jens Lekman song.

I Know What Love Isn’t is released on September 4th via Secretly Canadian, and via The Quietus you can listen to the entire album below.

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