Listen: Jens Lekman – Regarding A Package

Jens Lekman live Madrid Sala Copernico September 9 septiembre

Everybody’s favourite Swedish balladeer and apparently one-off wedding singer, Jens Lekman, has put out a new song for New York publication Esopus Magazine (I’m looking to do the same for my wedding so Jens, if you’re reading this: stay alive and keep making music until I find someone). The song is part of a compilation, “Esopus 19: Customer Service“, by the magazine revolving around, you guessed it! The customer service experience. It’s due to come out with the magazine’s Esopus 19 issue. What’s that? You guessed that as well? Gosh, you’re really good at this, aren’t you?

It starts off simply enough with a tinny, strummed melody. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated seemingly following in the economic sonic palette of his last album, the stunning I Know What Love Isn’t. But it’s when Jens‘ vocals kick in as the melody fades and restarts that the melody is transformed into the sweet serenading croon we’ve come to love from the man. Jens describes the song on his blog saying,

“When I was living in Melbourne I used to get some really weird (but occasionally really fun) packages from some fans who had been able to track down my new address.”

It seems a dead bird is one of those packages. Now it’s not quite a severed ear but as with this Swede, anything morbidly fascinating could sound gorgeous. And as the melody begins to fade once more after Jens‘ lovely verse, a chorus of harmonies join our leading man in one last reiteration of “I think the earth just trembled under my feet.”

It’s woefully short but let’s not forget what Jens Lekman can do with brevity.

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