Listen: Jessie Ware – Love Thy Will Be Done

We’ve been giving Ms. Jessie Ware some love for quite some time now. Her blissfully splendid debut album, Devotion, came in at an impressive and very much-deserved sixth place in our list of the best albums of 2012 and the single, “Wildest Moments” came out at a strong No. 13 in our year-end list of the best songs. Earlier today the English chanteuse dropped a rendition of the Prince-penned Martika track, “Love Thy Will Be Done” on the Internet. And so we joyously celebrated.

It’s a fairly faithful cover of the tasty 90′s treat from Martika‘s second album, Martika’s Kitchen and in Ware‘s hands it’s just as delicious. You could say that the it was a match made in Heaven and certainly, one listen to it and we guarantee you’d be on cloud nine.   The glorious cover furthers the retro R&B aesthetic Ware has nailed so well musically and visually – just take a look at her video for her latest single “Imagine It Was Us” from her recently re-released album, Devotion – The Gold Edition.

The understated version has the original’s exultant backing choir traded in for a more subtle chorus of soft voices further adding to the track’s simplistic and smooth gracefulness. “Love Thy Will Be Done” plays to Ware‘s strengths superimposing her gentle, effortless vocals over minimal and unpretentious instrumentation; the restrained delivery giving lines such as “love thy will be mine” particularly considerable power and strength. Much like the same treatment Ware gave Rihanna‘s chart-topping “Diamonds“.

Speaking about the rationale behind the cover of hymnal ode to the restorative powers of love, Ware stated that she was a “huge fan” of the tune and indeed sometimes that’s all the reason you need. Give it a listen below.

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