[Listen] – New Album By Kurt Vile – “Smoke Ring For My Halo”

Picture via This Symmetry

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a die hard Kurt Vile fan, I may just be the closest thing to the opposite whilst still liking him.

Over the years when everyone else was enjoying his Psychedelic Bedroom-Pop and talking about him,  I was busy pointing my nose to the sky or reliving the Manic Street Preachers’ first three albums and my misspent pre-pubescent years.  So last year I made a point of making my way through his work in reverse chronological order, and I made it all the way back……to…..his……last album…….Ok, so I only listened to one album, get off my back!

If it’s any consolation “God Is Saying This To You…” is a really fucking good album and I’m sure I’ll get around to his other stuff too, but if you’re unlike me and have heard his body of work (and enjoy it) you’re no doubt excited for his latest and critically acclaimed album “Smoke Ring For My Halo”.  It’s out already so you may even have it, who knows, but either way you can give it a dirty little whirlwind bellow and see what you think.

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(via Drowned In Sound)