[Listen] [New Artist] – KITTEN [Indie/Rock/Electronic]

[UPDATE: As of mid-late May they've changed their name to Johnny Johnny Johnny.]

As SXSW drew to a close yesterday we’re left with a hell of a lot of great new music and a lot of buzz about new bands to keep an eye out for this year.  A lot of that buzz coming out of SXSW last week was about a band called KITTEN (all caps).  They’re a five-piece from LA, fronted by 15 year-old Chloe Chaidez (guitars, vocals, songwriter), Max Kuehn (drums), Elvis Kuehn (keys), Zach Carper (bass), and Andy Miller (guitar).

Chloe Chaidez has already been around for a few years, even though she’s only 15.  By the age of 11 she already had the honour of sharing the stage with an impressive list of her peers. Band of Horses, Midlake and Conor Oberst to name just a few.  Yeah, by the time she was ELEVEN!   Max and Elvis are the sons of influential punk band “TSOL” founder, Greg Kuehn, and Zach has engineered for Earlimart, Granddaddy, and Tokyo Police Club.

A lot of press will be made about Chloe’s age, but KITTEN’s sound is far more mature than any of their years may suggest, drawing sonic influences from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blondie to the vocal power of Brandi Carlisle and Cat Power, they’ve created a sound that is at the moment rusty, but wholly raw, and exciting.  If they can tighten their sound (as at the moment all they have are demos) then you can expect to hear an album filled with hits, the potential in KITTEN is huge.

They plan to record an EP proper in May and hopefully have it released in June, but they sent me six songs that I’ve got below for you to enjoy and get excited about.  Remember these are rough demos so ignore the production and pay attention to your foot tapping, your head bobbing, and six hours from now when you’re still singing the chorus to “Kill The Light”.  The “tracklist” is as follows:

  1. “Kill The Light”
  2. “Blue World”
  3. “NO”
  4. “Catholic Boys”
  5. “Apples And Cigs”
  6. “Baby Come Home”

Huge thanks to Chad Anderson (who also helps write the songs) for being so cool and sending me all of these songs and pictures and answering my questions,

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