[Listen] – New Song By How To Dress Well – “Suicide Dream 3″

When this new How To Dress Well song dropped yesterday it was announced as part of a new orchestral EP “Just Once” by Yours Truly’s new label/imprint Love Letters Ink, whilst at the same time letting you listen to the full four-song EP on their Bandcamp page.

For some reason though they’ve since removed the full stream but I’d kept my page open before they removed it and managed to listen to the entire thing a few times over. The first thing that’s noticeable is that the production quality is nothing like it is on his debut album “Love Remains”, here it’s cleaner and crisper and gone are the moments of ear-splitting crackle and soaring vocals that break his voice at their peak.

It’s also completely orchestral, so that means none of those droning electronics and fizzing guitars but instead somber, echoing pianos, and exquisite strings that pull at your……heart……strings. It’s being shipped on July 21st on vinyl that’s limited to 1,000 copies and when it’s sold out, it’s sold, there won’t be re-pressings, and each copy comes with a hand-written letter from How To Dress Well and a password to view behind-the-scenes footage of the “Suicide Dream 2″ recording.

You can pre-order the EP from the Bandcamppage, and the digital version is released on July 4th and below you can hear “Suicide Dream 3″ and watch him explain a little about the EP and perform said track live.

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