[Listen] – New Song By James Blake – “Tep And The Logic”

This is what happens when you pre-order James Blake‘s debut album on iTunes; you get an exclusive song with it that fits well alongside the rest of his sparse and floating Electronic, Dubstep masterpiece.

Is calling it a masterpiece too strong?  Maybe, but is it a modern-day masterpiece?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  It’s released next week in the U.K. (February 7th) and in North America on February 8th, albeit limited to digital only, but it’s something you should own if you’re a fan of his previous EPs, or of progressive Electronic/Dubstep music in general.

Compared to his EPs from 2010 and 2009 it’s different, and I think a lot of people are disappointed because they were perhaps expecting a full-length that’s as varied as those EPs, but commit a portion of your life to this and it will not disappoint.

Wanna hear the entire album before its release date?  Now you can right here.

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(via Post Dubstep)