[Listen] – New Song By Summer Camp – “Better Off Without You”

Nothing screams happiness and freedom like shrugging off some dead-weighted asshole/bitch you sometimes used to call your other half.

It’s how Summer Camp are rolling on the second new track from their debut album which is still being funded by awesome people like ourselves. Around about this time last month they dropped a new track called “Nobody Knows You”, which is still up in the air as to whether it appears on said debut album, but let’s hope that it doesn’t.  That way we get even MORE new music from them when the album does drop.  I think they’re only going to have songs on it that have the word “you” in it; “Nobody Knows You”, “Better Of Without You”, “I Want You”……even that EP they released year had the word in it: “Young”.

This new jam has an 80′s workout video feel, covered by The Smiths and doused in the hot hot heat of the sun. Gorilla Vs Bear got the exclusive of the track, and Chris says that it WILL be on their debut album, which was nice. Check it out below and go pledge some of your cash so we can get that album out as quickly as possible.

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