[Listen] – New Song By tUnE-yArDs – “Bizzness”

This one seemed to slip under everyone’s radar.

It wasn’t announced, there was no hype or build up or suspense, and the only way I found out about it was standing in line at the local crack house grocery store, I became impatient at one customer’s inability to scan a fucking banana, so I checked Twitter to while away the time.  There sat a tweet by none other than the gatekeeper of all things new music, Zane Lowe saying nothing more than “Tune yards now on R1″.

Forgetting about it I came home and ate, fell asleep, and woke back up in a sweat at the possibility that it could be a new tUnE-yArDs tune.  I did some hunting, didn’t see any other blogs or sites with it, so I checked Radio One and skipped through his two hour show to find it, and voila!  It was new!

And it was fucking gooood!  It’s not much of a departure from her debut album “BiRd BrAiNs”, but that album was immense, and difficult to pigeon hole. I find it difficult to not get her harmonies and melodies and chord structures stuck in my head, and so it’s been done with this new tune “Bizzness”, taken from her upcoming second album “w h o k i l l”.

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[UPDATE: 02/14/11] You can now download the offical MP3 of the song from her label 4AD.

tUnE-yArDs – “Bizness”

tUnE-yArDs – Bizzness by ListenBeforeYouBuy