[Listen] – New Song By Tyler, The Creator – “She” (feat. Frank Ocean)

Already out there, Tyler’s second album “Goblin” leaked a few days ago and songs are appearing all over the place in various forms.

A few weeks ago he’d mentioned that the next single from “Goblin”, after “Sandwitches” and “Yonkers”, would be the song below, “She” featuring current mixtape maestro and OFWGKTA member Frank Ocean.  Where Tyler, The Creator tends to polarize and steal the limelight on whatever he does, this time around it’s Frank Ocean who steals the show, bringing an R&B soul-vibe and singing about some chick getting freaky with herself with Tyler going into stalker mode and hanging outside her window.

There are a couple of parts in the song where Tyler’s verse sounds like a couple in Kanye’s “Monster” (from 2:28-2:38 for example), but the song is good even if his mix is turned down a bit compared to other songs like “Tron Cat”.  “Goblin” is out May 10th in the U.S., a day before in the U.K., and maybe even sooner in some parts of the world.  I haven’t listened to the album yet but it seems to have people on the fence, so if you’ve heard it let me know what you think.

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