[Listen] – Sleigh Bells – Band To Listen For In 2010

I first heard of Sleigh Bells on Aquarium Drunkard’s XMU radio show a while back.  As soon as “Crown On The Ground” started I knew it was going to be a monster of a track.  I just didn’t know how much of a monster track it would be.  Unfortunately they don’t have a whole lot of material that’s freely available to listen to, with only four songs available for streaming on their MySpace page (currently) and a rough demo that was released a few months back.  They did however upload a .zip file titled “2HELLWU” to their MySpace page towards the end of 2009 with a bunch of songs in it, more than what was in the original demo and of better quality.

Thankfully (for you guys) I managed to get a hold of said .zip file (as well as an extra couple of songs) and they’re below for you to hear, and enjoy, and hear again, and enjoy even more, and then get angry that there’s no set date for an album yet.  There are also a bunch of live performances floating around on the intertubes, a couple of which you can also check out below.  And then get angry that there’s still not set date for an album, but then get happy that they’re touring all throughout March and April, and the start of May.

Personally I hope to catch them live when they support Yeasayer in Philly.  Now tell me that’s not an awesome gig.

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Tracks below are:

  1. “Ring Ring”
  2. “Crown On The Ground”
  3. “Beach Girls”
  4. “Infinity Guitars”
  5. “A/B Machines”
  6. “Holly”
  7. “2HellWU”