[Listen] – Starcadian – “Sgt. Tagowski” (New Song)

Starcadian - Sgt Tagowski cover art

Listen to the new track from Starcadian, “Sgt. Tagowski”.

Talking synths? Check. Epic slap bass? Check. Super-compressed drums? Check. It can only be a new Starcadian track. I say new, but I’m ashamed to confess that “Sgt. Tagowski” has been up on his Soundcloud for nearly a fortnight, and I only just spotted it. Seriously, though, better late than never. It’s not like I need an excuse for playing air bass, but I’m not going to pass one up if it comes my way.

His sound really does speak for itself – retro synths, pumping bass, and massive drums – so I won’t say anything more than that you should stream “Sgt. Tagowski” below, now, several times. You have a free pass on me to jump around your room pulling bad-ass shapes without feeling like an idiot.

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