Listen: The Night VI – Thinking Of You

The Night VI - Still Thinking Of You

Freaking finals, you guys. They really make you miss the best stuff. And even when you find it (a.k.a. the lovely Breaking More Waves sends it your way), you’ve got too much to handle to share it with the world. Thankfully, world, I’ve got a bit of a breather now, and may I present to you probably the most stunning track you’ll hear all week.

Formerly known simply as The Night, this British six-piece has recently signed to Parlophone and been rebranded as The Night VI“Thinking of You” is the first track track they’ve released in this new form, and it’s the kind of track that’s capable of stopping you in your tracks. Backed by a delicate, The xx-like guitar and a driving percussive rhythm not too dissimilar from Fleetwood Mac‘s more upbeat numbers, lead singer Sophie-Rose Harper (who’s had a bit of a solo career herself) delivers a beautifully moving performance and lovelorn lines like “I lay low / in my hotel room / thinking of you / when I’m the loneliest I’ve been / after a fume / I’m still thinking of you.”

Doing a bit of digging I’ve found this (seemingly) live performance of “Skyline” done for Burberry that seems to confirm my belief that were are onto something very special with these guys and gals. We’ll keep a close eye on them. In the meantime, just hit play (and replay) on the track below.

“Thinking of You” is taken from the Still Thinking of You EP that’ll be released August 12th via Parlophone.

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