Listen: The xx – Coexist (Album Stream)

In the last week since we got our advanced copy of Coexist, the second and hugely-anticipated new album by London’s The xx, it’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to.

Naturally because of the success and critical acclaim of their self-titled debut, there’s a lot of excitement and expectations for Coexist, and having listened to it roughly seven times or so I can say that those expecations are slowly being met. I say slowly, because you can’t spend three years with an album (their debut) and then fairly compare their new one to it after a handful of spins.

Singles from the album so far include one of the year’s best love songs “Angels”, and its follow-up “Chained”, and if those got you excited for the new album then break out your favourite black turtleneck, throw on some silver jewelry, turn off the lights, and immerse yourself in Coexist below, thanks to NPR, released next week via Young Turks.

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