Listen To Conveyor’s Fuzzy New Single, ‘Mammal Food’

A couple of months ago, Conveyor released the B-side to their upcoming single on Gold Robot Records. The track in question was called “Pushups”, and saw the Brooklyn-based band exploring a very noisy, distorted new direction without losing any of their charm, which mostly came in the form of the lyrics, such as “I’m smart and I’ve been told I have a more than average penis size.”

With the single set to be released tomorrow on gold vinyl, the band has released the A-side, “Mammal Food”, which continues many of the same trends heard on “Pushups”, albeit taking things further down the noise rock path. Whether this will be a long-lasting trend for the band we’ll have to see (next year when the band release the follow up to last year’s noteworthy debut), but as a stand alone single, the pair of tracks is certainly interesting enough.