Listen to Rosie Carney’s soothingly ambient “Better Man”

Rosie Carney resides in Downings co Donegal after having moved there from England when she was a child. Her new song, “Better Man”, resonates with with airiness that runs through the Irish countryside: the wisp of the chilly wind; the nostalgic, homely feel of a thatched cottage in the middle of nowhere; and the longing to venture out further afield, to new, exciting places. Carney has seen a good portion of the world though, having performed in the UK and America, and even landing a spot in SXSW, and this experience hides in the quietly trembling swells of “Better Man”.

On the surface the track is a gentle acoustic number, but the production could pass it off for something akin to ambient music. Carney’s voice is sweetly familiar and gentle, and it forms together as one piece with the delicate hum that surrounds the track. Strings and piano chords seep into the mix, but instead of creating a crescendo of any sorts, they add to the naturally forming swell of the music; “Better Man” can feel like a passing dream more than a defined statement, which isn’t meant as any kind of slight against it. “I always hoped we’d end up in the same place / I was the anchor that slept in your sand / How can you sail if you’re stuck to this land?,” Carney coos, not shying away from admitting she’s at fault or is keeping someone form moving forward with their life. It adds a compassionate and humane angle to the already kindhearted feel of the music, letting the track sink in deeper than you realise on first listen. Have a listen below.