Listen: Twigs – EP

After already releasing two of my favourite tracks of the entire century in the last few months, the previously mysterious English lady known as Twigs has just revealed a new EP that includes two new tracks.

Previously we fell in love with “Ache” and “Hide”, something you’d do well to do yourself, and today she’s dropped “Weak Spot” and “Breathe”, both below. They’re tagged as 1 & 3 of 4, though on Boomkat there’s a vinyl copy for sale that only lists three tracks (omitting “Hide”), with a street date of this month. “Weak Spot” sounds like her previous tracks with an early Massive Attack vibe to it, and “Breathe” is a little more reserved.

Check them both out below and go get your mitts on that 12″ from Boomkat, or download it from Bandcamp. This chick is going to be huge.

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