[Listen] – Two New Songs By Arcade Fire – “Speaking In Tongues” & “Culture War”

It was almost exactly a year to the day when Arcade Fire started dropping some 12″ vinyl singles in record stores across the world, much to the surprise of everyone.  People were cropping up online posting pictures of this vinyl that wasn’t announced by the band, something that shoppers were finding randomly littered amongst other vinyls in their local shop.

That was “The Suburbs”/”Month Of May”, the first new music from the band in three years since 2007′s “Neon Bible”.  From that point on, 2010 was Arcade Fire’s year, blowing the fuck up all over the shop, winning awards, having a trillion-selling album, headlining numerous festivals, and saving the world too.  Oh, and they confused the hell out of anyone who hadn’t heard their name in the last ten years when they won a Grammy for album of the year.

Now they’re readying a deluxe version of that album “The Suburbs” (out June 27th) as well as a Spike Jonze-directed film called “Scenes From The Suburbs” including two previously unreleased/unheard/unknown tracks. Tonight Zane Lowe had the world premiere of both songs and below you can hear radio rips of both of them, “Speaking In Tongues” featuring Talking Heads’ David Byrne, and “Culture War”.

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