[Listen] – Two New Songs By DOM – “Crazy Girl” & “Things Change”

Yesterday evening DOM, the guys who brought us the party summer hit of 2010 “Living In America” dropped two new tracks.

“Crazy Girl” has been played live numerous times before and you might’ve seen some of the live versions of it kicking around online, but this time we have the studio version. With a rumbling, thumping, 50′s surf sound it’s not like the electronic haze we’ve heard that runs through most of their previous work, but fuck me it’s good!

The other track “Things Change” has veered away from that electronic sound too but instead shifts like a more coherent Wavves: Less being drowned in noise and more being hollowed out to create a contemplative cave-dwelling animal. As nothing has been said by anyone and no word has been made on the band’s Facebook or Twitter pages there’s no way to know if there’s a new release coming up any time soon, but regardless just enjoy these little gems for what they are, and you can listen to them both below.

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Crazy Girl by DOM

things change by DOM