Listen: Ty Segall – Sleeper (Full Album Stream)


We’re way beyond pumped to say that Laguna Beach’s garage rock semi-legend Ty Segall has decided to fully stream his newest LP, SLEEPER, 8 days before its actual release.

Those most familiar with Segall in his ear-destroying drum god mode (i.e. everything he’s done with Fuzz) or his guitar shredding static punk buzz (i.e. most recent full-length Twins) are in for a satisfying surprise.

In two words, Ty Segall is fucking multitalented and fucking busy. He’s played in about five successful bands, pioneering the garage punk revival as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist, seamlessly transitioning between all these roles. He’s like the Bo Jackson of modern underground rock. And this time, he makes the biggest transition yet; SLEEPER, to me, sounds like a different genre entirely than anything Segall‘s done to this point.

There’s something about the acoustic, home-recorded vibe brought to his usual lo-fi sound on this album that makes it sound like something out of the past – at times more reminiscent of a scratchy Velvet Underground vinyl (albeit with a lot more reverb and wah-wah pedal) than anything that’s come out in, say, the past 20 years. The violently sliding minor guitar of “6th Street” sounds like early Stones; “Crazy” has the pick-me-up tempo and catch of a classic country hit, but the unpredictable chord changes and haunting vocals specific to Segall; “Queen Lullabye” is so deliberate and washed out that you wonder how it can also be so damn listenable.

I don’t even know what to say. This thing is quickly shaping up to be one of the freshest, most fascinating albums of 2013. Spend the day falling in love with it. Now. Now. Now.

I’m serious.

Listen to SLEEPER in full via NPR and take a gander at its tracklist.

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1. Sleeper
2. The Keepers
3. Crazy
4. The Man Man
5. She Don’t Care
6. Come Outside
7. 6th Street
8. Sweet C.C.
9. Queen Lullabye
10. The West