Listen: Willis Earl Beal – Too Dry To Cry

Midwestern, street-corner, barebones, neo-soul singer Willis Earl Beal has a sound completely unique in the scope of modern folk. With a voice that resonates through his body like a shiver, a deep connection to the roots of soul, and a notably off-center aesthetic, Beal has been quietly breaking ground.

His home-recorded first album, Acousmatic Sorcery, was impactful in its rawness, but now, Beal has a real studio on his hands. His soon-to-be newest album, bluntly titled Nobody Knows., is out September 10th on XL, and it’s the first full-blown real opportunity Beal has had to show the world what he can do as a musician, not just as an idea.

“Too Dry To Cry”, the latest single released from the new album, is a heartbroken, boot-stomping spiritual. One thing that hasn’t changed about Beal’s style is that every song’s a stomachache – much more of a feeling than a piece of music. And all the while, he remains a stoically humble figure, just making his art and letting it speak for itself.

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