Listen/Download: 9mary – 4 Songs In French EP

9mary 4 Songs In French EP artwork cover

We introduced then-seventeen/now-eighteen year-old London native Flo Morrissey, a.k.a. 9mary, last September because she captivated us with her gorgeous voice and powerful, very well-written songs. Her latest project, the bluntly titled 4 Songs In French EP, is another reminder that she’s still got a great knack for making pretty music, and could probably make the phonebook sound beautiful if she tried to sing it. I don’t speak French, 9mary‘s music is a clear example that music is a universal language.

To be entirely fair, though, I should probably mention that two of the songs on here (“Ça plane pour moi” and “L’amour est Bleu”) are covers, though Morrissey does a fantastic job of making them entirely her own. There’s also a bit of English here and there, like on the opener, “Petit Garçon”, which she wrote with Max Pope and Luke Bower.

Covers or not, there’s little doubt in my mind that this short (and free!) EP is going to be one of the prettiest things you hear all day, so be sure you check it out below, and grab a copy while you’re at it.

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