[Listen/Download] – Black Lips – “Dance With You”

Listen to and download the Black Lips’ new song “Dance With You” below.

In 2011 Black Lips released “Arabia Mountain”, their fantastically raucous and catchy sixth album to critical acclaim, and now that the buzz and excitement for it has more than subsided, they’ve hit us with a couple of new tracks as part of their new single.

Both songs are ones that didn’t make it onto “Arabia Mountain” but are now seeing the light of day as their new single “Sick Of You”, with the b-side being available as a free download below.

Be warned though, “Dance With You” doesn’t illicit dancing in a person as much as it does rioting, so listen to it in a happy, safe place (so not at work or school). We take no responsibility in your acts of destruction once you hear the track.

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Black Lips – “Dance With You”