[Listen/Download] – d’Eon – “Transparency” (How To Dress Well Rework)

Changing my life, slowly but surely, is How To Dress Well, the one-man show hitting every spot of mine that needs hitting, exactly when it needs hitting.

That sounds mildly erotic and creepy at the same time, but his debut album “Love Remains” was a cohesive gamble on dozens of genres rolled up neatly into one overall sound, loosely falling into R&B, Experimental-Pop, and a Lo-Fi Electronic haze.  Seemingly being his signature sound, it was prevalent on his EPs and singles that were released before and after his album, and with this reworking of d’Eon’s “Transparency” it’s also set up shop too; cascading synths, dramatic New Romantic-esque basslines, and an overbearing sense of dread all leave their mark.

Speaking to DIS Magazine about the collaboration with d’Eon:

“In January I had the unspeakable pleasure of hanging and playing some shows with Claire (Grimes). Our last show together was in Montreal, where I met Chris d’Eon. They are dope people and we had a lot of fun. Chris had mentioned he was working on a song he wanted me to remix. For this song, I really wanted to do something that d’Eon would be hyped on—his style is so distinctive and very different from mine, so I tried to imagine a space between us. It’s kind of got like a sad National Geographic vibe to it or sumtin idk. I love it!!!”

You can grab the track below and watch out for more, he’s been hinting at a new EP for a few weeks now and I feel like it’s only just around the corner.

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d’Eon – “Transparency” (How To Dress Well Rework)