[Listen/Download] – Fame Ride Mixtape by Nick Andre and Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday is coming to an end…sad.  You can retire those thick-rimmed black glasses.  They will no longer be cool.  However, to remember his greatness, Marc Bianchi (the man behind the name) has collaborated with Nick Andre, of bands City Lights and Dirty Ghost, on a new mixtape, appropriately called, “Fame Ride.”  It’s pretty sick, filled with rock and roll, mashups, electronic beats, and provocative lyrics.  Honestly, did you expect anything else from these two?

If you haven’t been formally introduced to Her Space Holiday, let me give you a quick, yet long overdue intro.  The mastermind behind HSH is originally from CA and formerly part of Indian Summer and Mohinder before settling on HSH.  Bianchi is no stranger to the stage; he’s toured with some indie bands with mad creds – The Faint, Bright Eyes, Lymbric Systym to name a few.  HSH mixes funk, hip-hop, rock and adds fun and light electronic loops that make each track so damn catchy.  But, after 6 EPs and 9 albums, HSH is calling it quits.  His self-titled, final album will be released August 16, but something tells me he isn’t going away completely.

But, for now, “Buckle up, you’re about to go on a crazy ride and that ride is called FAME”.

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Her Space Holiday – “Fame Ride Mixtape”

FAME RIDE MIXTAPE – Nick Andre and Her Space Holiday

1. Fame Ride “Buckle Up” Intro
2. Weight Of the World (Baker mix )
3. Something To Do With The Game (The Game – HSH mash up)
4. Japanese Gum (City Light Remix )
5. ‘You and ME’ – ‘Weight of the World’ (mash up)
6. The Year in Review (Green Mix)
7. I’ll Believe in Anything (Wolf Parade cover)
8. Ghost In The Garden (Album Version)
9. Fame Ride “C-“ Outro