[Listen/Download] – Frightened Rabbit Cover Lemonheads – “Confetti”

I read about this last week when it was making the blog rounds, but I didn’t actually watch the video until Peenko asked me if I was able to.  You see, Peenko lives in Scotland and can’t view the video because of lame copyright/licensing laws.  I on the other hand, even though I’m from Scotland, live in the U.S., so I could see the video.

So because he did me a solid, I did him a solid and ripped the audio from the video for him.  He posted it yesterday, and today it’s my turn.  It’s not exactly Frightened Rabbit because it’s just Scott the lead singer, but it’s close enough.

It’s taken from the below video that’s part of a series of videos by The Onion A.V. Club where they get a giant artist and make them play in a tiny room, “Being John Malkovich” style.  Previous luminaries to take part include Ted Leo and his band of pharmaceutical punk rockers, Fruit Bats, Ben Folds, and The Antlers.  Give your ear buds some earbud-food.

Frightened Rabbit – “Confetti” (Lemonheads cover)

Frightened Rabbit covers The Lemonheads