Listen/Download: Iceage – Coalition


Iceage has released a new single for their upcoming sophomore album, You’re Nothing. From Matador Records, this four-piece noise punk band thrashes and pummels eardrums, exercising every limit your ears could possibly handle. Like most great punk bands, this Danish band sums all of this assault into refined, but abrasive two-minute jams. “Coalition” is no different.

From the get-go, the guitars shoot off and all blissful noise takes off. Screaming incoherent words barely translatable, the track blisters through and thunders off with random screams and gyrating guitars that sound like they are decaying. Their first album, New Brigadewasn’t  much different than this newer music, so if you’re thinking they have divulged from their distorted, fist-punching sound of punk, you’d be wrong.

You can download the song on the Matablog here.

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