Listen/Download: Jaill – “Perfect Ten”

Jaill, Traps, Perfect Ten

Listen to and download Jaill‘s new song “Perfect Ten” below, from their album ‘Traps”.

Song Of The Day, Listen Before You Buy

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty fucking pumped for the new Jaill album. As we’ve mentioned numerous times in the past they’re a band you should all get behind, because we know what we’re talking about and they know what they’re doing, just listen to “Waste A Lot Of Things” if you don’t believe us.

I go back regularly to listen to their last album “That’s How We Burn”, but for their new album “Traps” they seem to switching things up a little, and this new track “Perfect Ten” captures that with a methodical and melodic 70′s vibe, complete with their searing guitars.

“Traps” will be released on June 12th via Sub Pop and below “Perfect Ten” can be all yours for the price of a click.

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Jaill – “Perfect Ten”