Listen/Download: LA Font – Onshore

LA Font - Onshore

When we originally introduced LA Font almost a year ago it was a very unfortunate time for Listen Before You Buy. We experienced a lot of down time that week, and I think their post was one of the few that made it live, but it didn’t receive the attention it should have.

Maybe because I feel a little guilty about this, but mostly because they’re very good, I feel inclined to share the first single from their upcoming sophomore album, Diving Man (which currently does not have a release date). Granted, it’s a bit late but it definitely deserves coverage, because they don’t make rock songs like this anymore.

“Onshore”, as the song is called, is a slice of classic ’90s rock, for those that miss the good stuff. Not that I would know anything about that because I spent the ’90s listening to my dad’s classical music collection and ’60s girl groups. Still, you can’t go wrong with fuzzy guitars and lyrics like ” loose lips sink relationships / bailing out water on the Titanicwhat’s it like at the bottom of the sea / you become friends with Leo DiCaprio“. I mean, who doesn’t want to be friends with one of the sexiest men on the planet?

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