[Listen/Download] – Local Natives – “Stranger Things” (Wallpaper. Remix)

So, a buddy of mine rented out a room to Eric Frederic here in LA (excuse me, I think I just dropped something on the floor… pardon me real quick while I pick up that name I just dropped). Anyway, sure I’ve heard of Wallpaper., but in relevant interest I searched a bit further. Shit wasn’t hard to find… that’s for sure, this kid’s all up on the internet. Yeah, Wallpaper.’s produced some of the remixes that rule, and they’re here to present us with another. I loved this track before it was remixed and I’ve seemingly fallen in love again, it just has some new makeup on it.

Eric is only one half of this dynamic duo, so to say, he is joined by his alter ego Ricky Reed. Ricky Reed ain’t no Chris Gaines, Ricky Reed is a sleazy, palatial, bad ass mothafucka. Eric started up Wallpaper. as an auto-tuned project, hailing from Oakland and utilizing his interests in afro-beat, p-funk, and that delicious bay area hip hop we’ve all come to know and love. This was just the start, as Wallpaper. has evolved into and become a good staple for any good time. Homie’s been busy, finding himself gracing the stages of various venues from Treasure Island to the next stop on their tour to Missouri (playing with Chiddy Bang); also currently getting ready to drop #STUPiDFACEDD on December 9th.

Anyway, I came here with some sort of reason aside from jocking this outfit right here. Wallpaper. just released a new remix of local favorites of LA (and the world alike!) Local Natives, giving us a new gem to blast in our headphones… Stranger Things (Wallpaper. Remix) is the next head bopper from our friends. Giving this beautiful track a little bit of swag, if you will, and I back it 100%. If you haven’t hopped on the Wallpaper. train, I suggest you do so soon.

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Local Natives – “Stranger Things” (Wallpaper. Remix)
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