[Listen/Download] – Mixtape – Sinden Presents Free Gucci 2: The Burrrtish Edition

There are two things you would be extremely lucky to find me doing: dancing to music of any kind, and rapping along with Gucci Mane. Neither of these seems classy when I do them. However, this remix-tape makes me want to do both feverishly.

The sound is sort of like pickles and ice cream… or any combination of flavors that were never meant to accompany each other – on rare occasions like this they can be paired in awe-inspiring harmony.

You don’t have to be pregnant and craving odd snacks to enjoy this mixtape. If you enjoy electronic music and can tolerate Gucci Mane, or vice versa, I recommend bumping this with the windows down while you’re cruising through your city at night. Sinden has once again (the first Free Gucci goes hard too) compiled a cohesive roster of visionary electronic artists to remix Gucci tracks.

This time the DJs are all located in the UK, hence the “Burrrtish” label. That’s a marriage of “British” and Gucci’s signature exclamation, “Brr!”, if you’re not privy. It’s a little silly, as is the whole concept of this mixtape.

The Atlanta rapper’s inarticulate musings about making lots of money by selling cocaine and then spending it lavishly are the inspiration for a million poor inner-city youths. Somehow these club-heads from across the pond make them sound worldly savvy, even elegant from time to time.

Most of these tracks are based on a hard-driving club beat, and some have lush synths floating in the background. I am especially a fan of These New Puritans’ take on “Dollar Sign”, and Mista Men’s take on “Haterade” (with Nicki Minaj’s verse left intact). There are a couple of dub style cuts too – I understand dub and rap are bedfellows in the UK scene. The whole thing is “dope-boy fresh” to the fullest extent of the term.

I’m almost certain that you decided upon either downloading or ignoring this collection before you finished the third paragraph of this post. Carry on, then.

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Gucci Mane – Dollar Sign (These New Puritans Remix)

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