[Listen/Download] – New EP By We Are Trees – “Girlfriend”

After impressing pretty much everyone with his debut EP “Boyfriend”, James Nee is back with his trees for the followup, “Girlfriend”.

This afternoon the dudes over at Turntable Kitchen premiered “I Don’t Believe In Love”, one of the new cuts from the EP, but now you can hear the whole thing from his Bandcamp page.  The aforementioned song is a little bit of a change of pace for the guys; songs on “Boyfriend” and some of the demos I’ve posted in the last 9 months or so since have a far more laid-back approach, atmospheric and hazy, but a couple of the songs from “Girlfriend” including IDBIL spike it up and throw in some frenzied guitar riffs and drum beats.

You can get the whole thing from iTunes and there’s a vinyl version coming very soon, but for now just put this on repeat and do nothing else for the rest of the day.  You have my permission.

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