[Listen/Download] – New Song By How To Dress Well – “Us In The Sense Of Forever”

Even though this appeared last week on Adult Swim’s little widget streamer it’s only just been made available to download today and instead of making a post about both I just held off until you guys could get your Lo-Fi-ridden, reverb-lovin’ paws on it.

As I said it’s part of Adult Swim‘s second installment of their Singles Program where each week they release a new song by an artist from any spectrum of the Indie music scene, all in the hopes of you buying a new Kia car (or in the hopes that you’ll just enjoy the tunes).  It’s been a busy few weeks for Tom Krell (a.k.a. How To Dress Well) having done a video collaboration for Yours Truly and a new orchestral EP, some remixes of Kate Bush amongst others, and live shows across the land.

This new song follows in the vein of the material found on “Love Remains” and includes some bits from Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There”.  This isn’t slated to be part of an official release but you can get it for free below.

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How To Dress Well – “Us In The Sense Of Forever”