[Listen/Download] – New Song By J. Nolan – “Sharpen The Sword”

Just when I think I’ve given up on Hip-Hop in general someone fresh shows up and reminds me that there are still creative artists out there who actually care about rap as music rather than an outlet to try and push an ideal about themselves that is neither realistic nor about anything that comes close to containing substance. Honestly I’d rather listen to a Nickleback album than hear another rapper tell me how hard, rich, and better than everyone else they are. This is why J.Nolan has continued to find support from Listen Before You Buy.

We first introduced you to him back in 2010 and he has continued to show that the hype he’s been building over the last twelve months is something that he not only can live up to but exceed, which as we all know, is one of the rarest things in hip-hop. The young phenom out of Atlanta  dropped “Chaos Theory” last Tuesday and it’s already getting steady play on my ipod.  So far “Sharpen The Sword” is my favorite track.

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J. Nolan – “Sharpen The Sword”