[Listen/Download] – New Songs By Little Chords – “For You” and “Firsts”

Today we finally get to experience After Life, the first full length album from Little Chords, I’ve taken the time to listen through it twice so far and the day has only just begun.

Little Chords is the Lo-fi moniker of the amazing Teen Daze who has put out a steady stream of solid music over the past two years, having always remained relevant in the process while consistently evolving his sound without letting go of the ambiance that has defined his sound since day one.

My two favorite tracks thus far are “Firsts” which is the opening track and “For You” (one of the three free songs he’s handing out).

Firsts” is the more rhythm based track on the album as well as having more of a vocal presence than any of the other ten songs. “For You” feels like a spaced out Animal Collective track as much as a new addition to the Teen Daze created catalog, diving in and out of the ether at ease while maintaining the positive vibe that defines the album overall.

If you dig shoegaze that is both lo-fi and ethereal take the time to grab After Life for yourself; it’s a solid album to enjoy.

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